If you’d feel more confident, what would your life look like?
If you wouldn’t worry about what they would think about you, what would your life look like?
If you wouldn’t worry about mistakes or getting it wrong, what would your life look like?
What would be different?
How would you show up differently at work?
What would you do more of?
What would you stop doing?
What would you start doing?
How would you feel on a typical work day?
Give it some thought.
Because it’s important for your brain to know EXACTLY what to work towards.
You can’t put your brain to work on building a house, if you’re not clear on what kind of house you’d love to be living in.
Really imagine having this abundant confidence in yourself, in what you’re capable of + what’s possible for you.
Then list ALL THE THINGS that Confident You would do or stop doing. 
You don’t need to go big.
Simply look at a typical work day.
And relive that day through the eyes of Confident You.
And notice what Confident You would have done differently.
Would Confident You have taken the lead in that meeting – instead of feeling frustrated by the lack of focus?
Would Confident You have said no to taking on that additional reporting work – instead of saying yes even though you know you don’t have the time to get it done?
Would Confident You have sent out that presentation – instead of tweaking + rereading it for the 10th time?
Would Confident You have had that difficult conversation – instead of putting it off again?
Those small, but impactful, changes in how you show up on a typical workday are a great place to start.
They are great confidence incubators.
Because, yes, confidence is mindset work.
But confidence doesn’t create + sustain itself in a vacuum or the safety of your couch at home doing the mindset work.
Confidence needs real life micro-action to strengthen itself.
It needs real life putting-it-into-practice experience to become stronger.
Just like a muscle needs practice to build up + maintain its strength. 
What would Confident You do or stop doing on a typical workday?
Make those the places you start boosting + strengthening that confidence muscle.
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