Do you know what the most difficult thing is about goals?

Yep, you probably guessed it.

Taking action and actually making those goals happen!

Goals have been coming up a lot lately in the conversations I’ve been having, and more importantly, the issue of wanting something really bad and then… NOT taking action.

And what would be the logical thing to do, once you realize you’ve NOT been taking action?

Taking action, right?

Well, here’s what happens waaaaaay more often –

  1. we start doubting our goals – is this really the right thing for me? do I really want it that bad? isn’t this just a crazy whim?
  2. we start doubting our ability to make our goals happen – it’s just not meant to be, I haven’t got what it takes, it’s too hard! 

And do you know what those doubts do?

They keep us stuck in inaction.

Which then seems to prove our point that this goal really might not be the right thing!

And we surely haven’t got what it takes to make it happen! 

Because otherwise, we’d have achieved our goals already, wouldn’t we?


Our inaction is proof of nothing else but just that – us not taking action.

Our inaction doesn’tprovide us with any information on whether or not this would be the right goal for us. Only actually taking action will provide us with that clarity.

And our inaction is nota tell-tale sign that we wouldn’t be able to make our goals happen. Only actually taking action will tell us where we got plenty of skills, where we need to improve our skills, or surround ourselves with the right people to fill in any gaps.

Your inaction just proves the fact that inaction does NOT make anything happen.

No more, no less.

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