Happy Valentine’s day!

How have you been celebrating today?

And… have you been celebrating yourself today?

What do you love about yourself?

What do you appreciate yourself for?

Seriously, ask yourself that question.

And name the things you love about yourself.

Your laughter.

The way you solved that problem.

How you had that difficult conversation – even though your voice cracked and you felt super nervous.

Your sharp mind.

Your cooking skills + that improvised oh-my-I-need-to-do-my-grocery-shopping yummy meal you cooked up with the left-overs you found in your fridge.

How you went to the gym today – even though you’ve been skipping gym the past week.

Your skills for organizing, for telling a story, for seeing the logic in things.

How you waved hi to your neighbor this morning.

Your persistence.

The idea you pitched in the meeting today.

Your creativity.

How you sent out that really well-crafted email – even though it wasn’t perfect.

Take a minute and name 3 things.

Every day.

Say them out loud. Point them out to yourself. Name them.

So that your mind really gets to notice and see the qualities that you might so quickly be glossing over.

Or jot them down.

And before you know it, you’ll have a book full of things to love about yourself.

How cool is that?!

Happy Valentine’s day!

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