Sometimes we can get stuck in planning our work and to-dos.

Tweaking and refining and reshuffling tasks.

Feeling as if we are being productive.

Solving a problem.

Making progress on our project or todo list.

But the truth is – we are not.

Because we are not actually getting any of the tasks done.

We aren’t getting any of the real move-the-needle work started.

And yes, working on the planning might feel good in the moment.

But the truth is – we are only creating very real + tangible problems for ourselves down the road.

Subtly sabotaging ourselves.

Check out this Daily Deposit to understand why you might feel drawn to overplanning.

And what 5 very real problems overplanning is creating.

Plus, I’m giving you a simple but effective tool to NOT get tricked by that desire to overplan.

So you get to make real progress in our project or todo list.

Satisfaction guaranteed.


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