Here’s my equation for life:
What you believe + what you do = what you create in life
When you believe YOU need to do it ALL,
and that asking for help is proof you are not capable enough,
and that saying no will have them like you less
+ you are pushing yourself through your never-ending to-do list
= you end up being busy all the time, feeling exhausted and depleted
But also,
when you genuinely believe you DON’T need to do it all,
and that delegating or asking for help is proof you are a capable leader who manages her work responsibly,
and that saying no is what a great leader does (and a win-win for everyone)
+ you respectfully set boundaries, delegate or ask for help
= you end up protecting your goals and priorities, getting way more (and what matters) done, with time and energy to focus on key projects, feeling focused and on fire.
Are you NOT getting the results you want in life?
Then you need to work the beliefs and the actions.
Inventorize your daily actions AND your daily beliefs + self-talk.
And you’ve found EXACTLY what you need to change to get the results you’re after.
Take the time to figure out those key change levers.
Because nothing is more frustrating than working hard to make a change, only to find out you are working on things that don’t move the needle or make a lasting impact.
What you believe + what you do = what you create in life
And getting different results is a matter of managing what you believe + changing what you do.
Till you created the results you are after.
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