I notice a lot of worry and anxiety in the world right now.

And I notice that a lot of people are pushing that worry and anxiety away.

Resisting it.

Ignoring it.

They tell themselves –

I shouldn’t feel so anxious.

I should be able to cope with this – without feeling this worried and anxious.

And in order to feel better, they put their worry and anxiety in a box.

Forcing themselves to be upbeat, positive.

Walking around with an “I got this” smile.

In this video, I explain why that isn’t working.

And I’ll give you a counterintuitive approach that does work.

And that lifts a weight from your shoulders.

Check it out here:

PS:  I know that the lighting in the video is not good. That my ring light gets reflected on my teeth 😳

(If you want an #unexpectedLOLmoment, you need to watch my teeth in this video).

But the content I’m sharing is powerful and effective.

So I’m hitting that “publish” button.

Because I wanna stand for progress over perfection.

And I wanna invite you to do the same.

Watch the video to get started.

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