Setting a goal is the easy part.
Committing to that goal is the hard part.
Because it’s in those moments when things are harder than expected
when you screw up,
get criticized,
don’t get the results you are after,
slip back into an old habit –
that you tend to give up.
Not officially.
But you start postponing, procrastinating.
You start explaining and justifying to yourself why now is not a good time.
And how you’d better start over in 3 months time.
You tell yourself you need to research more, or make a better plan.
You think about your goal.
You dream about how your life will be different once you made your goal happen.
But in truth – you are not truly engaging with your goal.
What if today would be the best day to start?
What if you don’t need to research more?
What if actually taking small action steps right now were the best research you could do?
What if the only plan you need is to “do – evaluate – adjust – keep going”?
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