May is already upon us + that means it’s time for a quick-and-neat end of month review!
Because looking back is so important.
Not do dwell on what happened, but to
1) celebrate successes AND screw-ups (= because that was you showing up + taking action!)
2) notice the moments where you held back + didn’t show up.
Because that’s where your work is – you need to figure out what stopped you from taking action + what will propel you into action.
(Hint: it’s almost guaranteed a confidence-mindset thing that’s stopping you – EVEN WHEN you have a list of excuses that sound rational + justified).
The solution?
1) First, manage your mind!
So you get to create the empowering energy you need to take action or deal with obstacles or pushback from others.
2) Then small-ify + take that micro action.
Look at the action you wanted to take, but haven’t yet.
Small-ify that action as much as possible, so you can bring the action as close to your current comfort zone as possible instead of way out there.
I know – big actions sounds sexy, but they’re just paralyzing + procrastination-inducing.
Don’t write the full chapter, but start with 1 page.
Don’t go for the finalized report, but start with a messy draft of the key messages you wanna get across.
Don’t block 3 hrs of research in your calendar when you’ve never done that before. Start with a 15′ block + 1 specific research article to read.
You don’t climb a mountain in 1 big step, right?
And it’s the same with our goals – we don’t reach them in one giant step, but in a series of can-do micro steps.
So start with the smallest possible, yet still stretchy, micro action that’s outside but still close to “home” (i.e. your current comfort zone).
3) Tell your brain what you just did.
Name the new mindset you practiced, the action you took + the result.
No kidding.
Your brain needs to be made aware of what just happened, so that your out-of-your-comfort zone micro-action doesn’t get dismissed, downplayed or ignored by that brain of yours.
What you just did matters and deserves to be pointed out + stored for future reference.
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