Things seem so much simpler, so much more clear and straightforward in hindsight.
All of a sudden, we realize what we SHOULD have done.
Or what we shouldn’t have said.
All of a sudden, we see that that thing COULDN’T have worked.
Or what would have worked better.
And then we tend to get harsh on ourselves for not having done things differently.
But the truth is – evaluating yourself based on your actions from the past with the knowledge of today is not fair.
Because it’s only through taking that action in the PAST, that you got to collect the information, knowledge and feedback that you are basing your CURRENT self-judgment on.
If you would have known THEN exactly what you know NOW, you would have taken a different decision.
But back then, you didn’t know.
So don’t haunt yourself with should haves or could haves.
You know now.
You are where you are right now.
So use that invaluable intel that you’ve gathered to decide on your next step.
That’s much more productive, effective and efficient than beating yourself up for a decision or action from the past that you can’t go back and undo.
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