Light as a feather and ready to take on the world – that’s how I feel after doing yoga. And yet, I used to think yoga was so woowoo and wayyyy out there.

Little did I know that yoga would become my go-to favorite for exercising and giving my body (+ mind + soul) such a nice, little energy boost.

And my go-to all-time favorite when it comes to yoga classes is @adrienelouise.

She makes it so easy + fun to move through the yoga poses. And she has such a great, down-to-earth, find-YOUR-feel-good attitude about yoga.

Which is – of course – completely aligned with my create-what-YOU-are-longing-for philosophy on life too.

I can’t say enough good things about her.

This morning I went for a 30-minute core and booty practice.

Wanna join me?

Check out her Youtube channel right here and roll out that yoga mat of yours! 


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