This is what I ask my clients on a weekly basis:
How has your past week been?
What actions have you been taking towards your goal?
What didn’t you do – despite your best intentions?
What hurdles + self-talk have you been bumping into?
Jot it all down – looking back is vital to help you define the mindset + action work you need to move forward.
Did something? Awesome! That’s invaluable progress.
Didn’t do something? Equally awesome – because that shows you EXACTLY where you need to do more mindset work. And that’s invaluable too.
If I would ask you those exact same questions, what would YOUR answer be?
Where do YOU need to take more action to move towards your goals?
Where do you need to do confidence-boosting, empowering-yourself mindset work?
Don’t glance over these questions.
The answers matter.
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