Most goals don’t happen overnight.
We know that – intellectually.
And yet, we DON’T give ourselves the time to make those goals happen.
We want results – right now.
We want big changes – tomorrow.
And it’s not that we would claim to be that impatient.
In fact, when asked, we would SAY that we know that our goals take time.
But, if we would be looking at the facts, we would see that that’s NOT what we truly believe.
Because we stop taking action on our goals, letting them disappear on the back burner of our busy days.
Because we let ourselves slip back into our old habits and delude ourselves with empty promises of starting over tomorrow –  which we then never do (despite our best intentions).
We take a few actions – and believe they should get us to the end result in one straight line.
We work that new habit a few times – and believe it should stick naturally.
But most important changes don’t happen overnight.
They happen because of a consistent effort.
They happen because of a steady action-taking.
They happen because of a continuously doing and adjusting.
They happen because WE stick with them.
Even when the results are slow to follow.
Even when the results are barely there yet.
It’s easy to believe when the results are easy.
But what makes you achieve big goals is believing when the results are hard.
You’ll nail it.
When you go steady.
When you stick with it.
When you snail it.
What goals or habits have been sliding to the back burner?
Pick them up again.
And start snailing your way towards them.
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