No-one is liked by everyone.
And that’s ok.
Yet often we set ourselves the task to be liked by everyone.
While – at the same time – expecting ourselves to speak our mind + do our thing.
But the truth is – both can’t go hand in hand.
Your opinion will rub some the wrong way – even when spoken in the most respectful way.
You doing your thing will be met with criticism and pushback.
Not because you are unlike-able or doing something wrong.
But because they got a different opinion or get triggered by yours.
Or because they have different expectations of what you should do, or of what a good life looks like.
And so we don’t all agree on everything all the time.
Sometimes we clash.
And sometimes we don’t.
Sometimes we differ.
And sometimes we don’t.
And that’s all fine.
There’s no need for you to take on their opinions or expectations as your own when they don’t jive with you.
Because then you’ll force a new identity upon yourself.
Like an ill-fitting coat that will never be a great fit – not matter how hard you try.
You don’t need to wear THAT coat or THAT identity. 
It will just wear you out.
And we won’t get to see YOUR interesting personality underneath.
Do you feel as if you’re forcing yourself to wear an identity that’s not aligned with who you truly are – underneath, deep down?  
Does it stop you from voicing your opinion, or doing your thing at work?
What if you were genuinely be ok with them NOT liking what you do or say?
How would your life be different?
What would you stop doing? What different goals would you set yourself?
How would you show up differently – at work, at home, with your friends?
Seriously – consider these questions.
Answer them honestly.
No self-censoring.
Listen attentively to your answers.
Because they hold the key to your peace of mind, your confidence and the full, rich, fulfilling life you’re longing for.
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