Confession time – I have not been doing any yoga since August.
In the first week and a half of September because I didn’t make the time for it.
In the following weeks because I was recovering from a surgery.
(All healed + healing well! #grateful)
So, my goal for October is to slowly ease back into a daily yoga rhythm.
Even if just for 5 minutes a day.
Even if I might not be able to go all in on some poses yet.
Showing up is what matters.
Micro-actions make a big difference.
Consistent commitment creates a habit.
I got back on my yoga mat this past Friday.
And then again on Saturday.
And then again yesterday.
Still 18 micro-actions to take this month.
18 decisions to commit and recommit.
18 times to show up for myself.
A little every day goes a long way.
Anything you want to commit to this October?
It’s NOT too late to get going because we’re October 14th already.
What habit do you want to create?
What goal do you want to pursue?
What daily micro-action can you take?
Let’s do this!
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