Every quarter, I take some time to look back at the past months, and I identify what has been working for me + what hasn’t, both in my work life and my non-work life.

I look at what I want to change and adjust, and then I look forward, at what I want to achieve over the next 90 days.

The questions that I ask myself are really simple, and they keep the process light + easy + to-the-point.

I simply pull out a Google doc, write down the questions and jot down my answers – bullet-style, no overthinking, brutally honest with myselfand gloriously messy.

Because I don’t want a gorgeous report.

I want an uncensored lookat what worked and what didn’t, and jotting down things seemingly randomly + messily as they pop up in my mind, is the best way to get to the heart of things.

And at the heart of things, there’s always things that are going smoothly and hum along just fine, and there’s always things that turned out to be a challenge or went differently than expected, revealing areas for growth and points for adjustment.

Taking this step back allows me to step back from the daily nitty-gritty, and reconnect with the big picture of what I want my life to look like and ground myself in what really matters to me.

These are the questions I ask myself:

        1) What worked?(All areas of life)

         2) What didn’t? (All areas of life)

        3) What can I adjust? (Braindump)

         4) What’s my big picture 3-year vision? (Review of existing vision or make new one)

         5) What’s my 1-year goal, contributing to that vision? (Review of existing goal or make new one)

        6) What’s my 90-day goal, contributing to that 1-year goal? 
            (Define goal, make sure to include – where relevant – adjustments of what didn’t work in the past)

Just pull out a piece of paper or click open a Google doc, and get going.

You’ll be amazed by how eye-opening and powerful this is.

And your future you will thank you– guaranteed.

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