I like simple. 

And I like a good equation from time to time.

And one day it all came together beautifully… (cue triumphant music and drum rolls…)

Perspective + Action = Life 

Sounds good, doesn’t it? 

Aaaaand it actually means something too.

Basically, it boils down to this: 

What you believe about yourself, 

about what you’re capable of 

and about what your life should look like 

what you do 

and don’t do in life 


the life you end up living. 

When you believe that you should go to that party + you (reluctantly) accept the invitation = you end up spending your time at that party, wishing you were somewhere else. 

When you believe that you should like that book + you force yourself to read it and rave about it = you end up wasting your time on something you *deep down* don’t like and you *fake connect* with people over a *fake shared* interest. 

When you believe you’ve got nothing to contribute + you don’t share your views = you end up being a passive bystander (and being harsh on yourself for being lame and boring and not saying something). 

When you believe that writing is ridiculous and stupid + you don’t write, keeping all those stories locked up in your mind = you end up shelving your dream of becoming a writer. 

When you believe you need to do it all + you’re pushing yourself through your never-ending to do list = you end up being busy all the time, feeling exhausted and depleted. 

But also, 

when you believe it’s ok to make your own choices + you respectfully decline the invitation = you end up creating time to spend on things that really light you up. 

when you believe that it’s ok to like the things you truly like + you read the books YOU love to read, regardless of what they might say = you end up enjoying yourself and connecting with others over genuinely shared interests. 

when you believe your ideas are as good as theirs + you share your views = you end up being an active participant (and proud of yourself for contributing). 

when you believe writing is valuable and not writing would be stupid + you write your heart out = you end up pursuing your dream of becoming a writer. 

when you believe you don’t need to do it all + you respectfully set boundaries, delegate or ask for help = you end up protecting your goals and priorities, getting lots done, and feeling focused and on fire.

What you believe + what you do = what you get in life

Test the equation for yourself and fill out these templates:

         I did (something you didn’t really wanna do) _________

         because I told myself __________

         and so I ended up ___________

         I did (something you really wanted to do) ____________

         because I told myself ____________

         and so I ended up ___________

Your daily mindset + your daily teeny-tiny actions are key when it comes to creating the results you want in life.

Are you NOT getting the results you want in life? 

Inventorize your daily actions AND your daily beliefs + self-talk.

And you’ve found exactlywhat’s holding you back and what you need to change to start getting the results you’re after.

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