Most often our glasses are half full.
It’s just our thinking and our (often unconscious) focus on what ISN’T working, that is making us feel as if NOTHING is working.
As if it’s NEVER gonna work.
As if the glass is empty.
Your brain isn’t spontaneously noticing what IS working, what you got going for you.
That DOESN’T mean it isn’t there.
It just means that your brain is paying attention to the things that aren’t working and glossing over the rest.
So today, challenge that brain of yours to list at least 10 things you got going for you.
Not to make up stuff that isn’t there.
Or to polish up the so-so stuff.
But to draw your attention to the overlooked good stuff.
You got what it takes – in spades.
You just need to remind that brain of yours anytime it gets lost in that “empty glass” space.
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