You know how they say “life is what happens when you are busy making other plans”?
That’s definitely what has been happening to me over the past weeks.
Life has been throwing me a serious curveball and sent me on an intense roller coaster that I’ll still be riding for a while.
It’s all way too fresh to share and talk about here.
What I can share though – in case you’d be riding a rollercoaster of your own – are 3 things that are helping me tremendously to ride that unexpected rollercoaster and deal with things as clear-headed as possible.
None of these 3 steps are spectacular.
But they are spectacularly helpful.
1) Being ok with things being messy, unclear and foggy.
No feelings are out of the question.
No thoughts need to be pushed away.
I feel what I feel right now – and that’s ok.
I think what I think right now – and that’s ok.
There is no rush to fix anything.
There’s no pressure to hide anything from myself.
2) Emptying my mind on the page.
Writing down all the stuff that’s popping up as I’m riding the rollercoaster.
Getting it all out on the page feels liberating, clarifying, grounding.
It makes me feel lighter.
And it allows myself to see what’s going on in that precious mind of mine, so I can gently start wiggling unhelpful ways of looking at things and come up with a more helpful perspective.
3) Exploring all the options, the next steps, the path forward.
And putting them on like a coat, helping me to identify my own voice – what do I want?
What do I not want?
What would work for me? What would not?
There is no right or wrong answer.
There is no right or wrong way to do this.
I need to find my way.
I want to find my way.
I am gonna find my way through this – one gentle nudge at a time.
And so can you.
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