Many of my coaching clients have this tendency to undervalue themselves and overvalue others.
Without even being fully aware that they are doing that.
Being in awe of what their colleagues or friends are doing.
Dismissing or not even noticing the great things they themselves just did.
Because that’s simply where their brain goes.
That presentation and captivated audience – oh, everyone can do that.
That issue that just got resolved – oh, that’s no big deal.
Your team being engaged and committed to the work they are doing – oh, yeah, I’m just lucky.
But are you?
Would everyone have done THE EXACT SAME THINGS you did?
Does everyone give a compelling presentation?
Does everyone manage to get issues resolved without wasting time in finger-pointing and blaming?
Does everyone have an engaged and committed team?
Does everyone build up their presentations geared so clearly to the needs of their specific audience?
Does everyone set up a meeting to discuss an issue and brainstorm solutions – instead of pointing fingers?
Does everyone communicate transparently and pro-actively with their teams?
If the answer is no (and the answer ALWAYS is no), what you did is not just “normal”.
It’s a piece of the amazing value YOU bring to the table.
It’s an example of where you make a difference.
It’s an example of where you add value.
It’s an example of how you make a difference.
It’s an example of how you add value.
So at the end of a meeting, presentation or workday, and before you dismiss all the things you did as “normal” or don’t even notice them, ask yourself
would everyone do the exact same things, in the exact same way?
It’s the key to open the treasure trove of the value you bring to the table.
And you’ll be astounded by all the amazing value you’ll find.
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