One of the biggest pitfalls in making a change, is that we expect perfect change.
Perfect goal-getting.
No hiccups.
Only determined action-taking.
Making only the right decisions.
Getting the right results.
Getting things right from the get-go.
Never slipping back into old habits.
Never a doubt.
Never second-guessing your choices.
No procrastinating.
Never backing out of opportunities.
Never doing things halfheartedly.
But the truth is – those things will happen.
Those things DO happen.
Even to the best of us.
Those things are simply an inevitable part of creating change.
And once you know that, those things don’t need to be a source of disappointment.
Or a reason for being being harsh on yourself.
Or a reason for giving up on your goal. 
Keep at it.
You got this.
Goal-getting isn’t perfect, but gloriously messy.
And accepting that is the fastest way to get results.
Accepting that is the only way to get results.
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