Not speaking up in meetings as much as you’d like to?
Think it’s because you don’t have enough expertise or knowledge about the topic?
You might be completely wrong about that.
Not giving feedback to your team member – even though they could really use it?
Think it’s because you don’t know how to give feedback?
Or because you simply don’t have time to have that conversation?
Or maybe you are telling yourself it’s not such a big deal?
You might be completely wrong about that.
Not pitching your ideas or solutions?
Think it’s because it’s not the right time, or the idea needs more work?
You might be completely wrong about that.
Here’s why.
Think about this for a moment.
Imagine you are genuinely feeling confident.
Believing in yourself, in the value you bring to the table, in what you are capable of, in what’s possible for you.
Feeling it?
Now, answer these questions – if you genuinely felt confident, would you speak up in that meeting – with TODAY’s expertise and knowledge on the topic?
Would you give that feedback – respectfully, clear and with integrity?
Would you pitch your idea – exactly the way it is right now, with the first draft positioning it needs to test the waters?
If you answered with an honest yes, yes and yes, you know it’s NOT your expertise, knowledge, lack of time, … that is stopping you from speaking up.
It’s a lack of confidence that is holding you back.
The good news?
Confidence is a skill you can learn.
It’s NOT innate, something that you either have or don’t have.
Confidence isn’t created in a vacuum.
It requires mindset work, engaging your brain in ways you’ve never done before.
It requires action-taking, building that confidence muscle EXACTLY in those moments when things might go wrong or people might criticize you or push back.
Are you leading a team or a project?
Do you find yourself holding back, not being the leader you deep down KNOW you are capable of being?
Do you feel undervalued and not seen, even though you’re always the one working hard?
Pick ONE specific goal, like speaking up in meetings, giving feedback or holding your team accountable.
And then get to work.
So you can end 2019 on a high and start 2020 with a bang.
Your team will work better.
Your project will run smoother.
You will work better.
Your work day will run smoother.
And you’ll feel better in the process – more confident, empowered and excited.
And proud of yourself, the work you are doing and the true leader you are stepping into becoming.
December still has 22 days.
Make good use of them.

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