There are so many tiny victories along the path to our big, audacious goals.
Things that work right away.
Things that don’t work.
And even though we tend to dismiss the effort we put in, when things are not what we hoped for, I’m a big believer in celebrating those oh-shit moments too.
Because you showed up and did the work.
Every fail is proof that you took action.
And every fails helps to figure out your next action – the way thinking about doing something never can.
Cherish those fails – because it’s THAT attitude of taking action, figuring things out while doing and constantly adjusting along the way that will lead to big, audacious results.
It’s THAT attitude of constant, failure-riddled action-taking that will allow you to get exactly where you want to be.
Celebrate yourself for taking that all-important action – even though the result is not there yet.
The true story behind success is NOT a string of perfect, flawless, turned-out-exactly-the-way-I-hoped-they-would actions.
The true story behind success is a string of tiny successes and oh-shit failures.
BOTH are foundational.
And BOTH are tiny victories worth celebrating.
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