Some people just seem to have it – that oozing confidence in themselves + what they’re capable of, right?
And that might lead us to believe that some people just have it, and some people don’t.
But oozing confidence is not innate.
Confidence is not a fixed package of “confidence-generating brain cells”, dropped into the skulls of the lucky ones.
Confidence does not require winning the lottery at birth – and being doomed when you didn’t get the lucky ticket.
Confidence is not something that you have or don’t have – for life.
The truth is – confidence is a skill that can be learned.
Confidence comes from fundamentally changing the way you look at yourself, your worries, doubts + fears, your mistakes, criticism and pushback.
And that’s something that can be learned.
With the brain that you have – right now.
Imagine the life you’d live + the places you’d go if you’d train your brain to do just that.
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