The secret to success is NOT “always doing + saying the right thing at the right time”.
The secret to success is NOT “doing things in such a way that no-one can ever comment or criticize you”.
Those implicit and flawed rules will only have you do less.
Say less.
Be less visible.
Put less of you out there.
The secret to success is to do lots.
To fail lots.
To get judged lots.
To learn lots and – time and again – do lots more.
Your value isn’t measured by the absence of failures.
Your value isn’t measured by the absence of criticism.
Your value shows and grows by being ALL IN on the job.
By bringing the full YOU to the table.
Your value shows and grows by how you deal with things going wrong.
With resourcefulness and by taking ownership.
Your value shows and grows by how you deal with criticism and pushback.
With flair and confidence.
It’s THAT confidence, resilience and resourcefulness that’s an accurate predictor of the future results you’ll be creating.
Because the more confident, resilient and resourceful you are, the more you’ll do, say, create, contribute.
The more visible you’ll be.
The more you’ll put all of YOU out there – your vision, your way of doing things, your work.
The more satisfied + fulfilled you’ll feel.
Even when you just screwed up.
Even when you just got criticized.
Because you NO LONGER see those as proof that you are somehow falling short.
Not capable enough.
Not qualified enough to have a seat at the table.
What if you were willing to practice confidence, resilience and resourcefulness?
What if you were willing to commit to confidence, resilience and resourcefulness today?
And then tomorrow.
And then the days after tomorrow.
What if that ONE daily commitment were the true secret of success?
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