I’ve been pretty obsessed with figure skating since these past Olympic Games.

And so it was only a matter of time for figure skating to find its way into my coaching.

Here I was talking to this amazing, strong woman, who put herself out there for a promotion, and got a no.

She is smart, capable, resourceful, resilient.

She’s got a vision, so much expertise and so many valuable skills.

And yet – after this experience – she felt her confidence taking a dive. It felt like a failure.

She felt like a failure too, who apparently had no skills and no value to bring to the table.

But nothing could be farther from the truth.

And that’s when the figure skaters popped up.

Because here’s the thing – there can only be one couple taking home the Gold Medal in a competition.

Does that mean that the skaters who come in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, … aren’t skilled?

Does that mean that their performance was awful and worth nothing?

Does that mean that they should not participate in competitions anymore?

No. No. And no.

They are incredibly talented and skilled.

They put incredible performances out there.

They can hit it out of the park in the next competition.

Heck, they might even have won competitions in the past and just switched places with the gold medalists on the Olympic stage.

And so I did a little digging…


​And a few months before the Olympics, this happened…


​So, getting a “no” or not coming in first, does not mean that you don’t have any amazing skills.

Coming in 2nd or getting a “no” from someone, doesn’t wipe out all the talents, skills, expertise, … you have.

Those skills are all still there.

Those skills are still incredibly valuable.

You are still incredibly talented and skilled, coming at it with a lot of expertise and a unique style, vision and personality.

You are still bringing incredible value to the table.

And that’s so important to remember.

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