Mistakes and failures are opportunities to shine.

No sweeping under the carpet.

But owning them.

Addressing them.

And using them as an opportunity to show the world what you’re made of.

Those shitty mistakes allow you to decide who you want to be – even when things are tough and you would rather curl up in a ball and hide from the world. 

Those screw-ups urge you to be an example of creativity and resourcefulness, of strength and resilience.

Those failures are unexpected yet impactful opportunities to deal with things and people with style, class and integrity.

That’s a counter-intuitive approach.


But exactly how you’ll blow other people’s minds – in a good way.

Exactly how you get to have more influence and impact – in a good way.

Exactly how you’ll boost your confidence – because the world didn’t end, and you handled things – impressively.

What if you’d look that way at that mistake you just made?

What if you’d use that #ugh failure to showcase your talents, entrepreneurship and grit?

What if you’d use that #ugh failure to showcase yourself?

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