Hi There!

I’m An Bourmanne

Career + Confidence Coach for Ambitious Go-Getters Who Worry Too Much About What Other People Think

And I’m so excited to see you here because I know how energy-draining it can be to feel unhappy at work.


You find yourself stuck and trapped, and not sure what to do next. 

You wanna make a change, but it’s so hard to figure out what you really want.

You’re afraid to make a change and make the wrong choice.

(Plus, you dread the interview process you’d need to go through when making a change.)

And so you find yourself going back and forth between justifying staying where you are + desperately dreaming about making a change.

And getting mad at yourself for going in circles and not being more decisive and confident about this whole thing.

But let me tell you – you DO know what you want.


It’s just that there’s different elements at play at the same time, that are creating the confusion.


Feeling unhappy at work can have different root cause reasons – with different solutions.


 And you’ll only find your happy back, when you work on those root causes first.


Through the Happy at Work Starter Kit

 1) you’ll understand the FIVE different root causes for being unhappy at work, and

2) you’ll identify exactly what root cause reasons are at play in YOUR life right now,

3) so you know exactly what you need to work on get the career that has you jump out of bed in the morning.


Imagine jumping out of bed in the morning, excited to get to work.

That IS possible for you.

And the Happy at Work Starter Kit will help you see exactly what you need to work on to make that happen.