Hi There!

I’m An Bourmanne

Career + Confidence Coach for Ambitious Go-Getters Who Worry Too Much About What Other People Think

And I’m so excited to see you here,

because I know how energy-draining it can be

to beat yourself up.

There always seems to be something to criticize yourself for – you were too loud or not loud enough, you were too direct or not direct enough, you should have done that differently, you should have explained yourself better, …

Often it feels as if

1)  you’re simply stating THE TRUTH ABOUT YOURSELF – as if you’re pointing out the obvious.

2)  you’re simply MOTIVATING YOURSELF TO MAKE A CHANGE, to improve and to grow by pointing out all those flaws.

3)  it is REQUIRED to point out those flaws to make you grow.

     And if you don’t, you’ll end up being stuck in mediocrity, being complacent and lazy.

But let me tell you – the exact opposite is true.

1)    The things you’re telling yourself are NOT THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU.

Even though it might feel that way.  (I’ll explain why in the Starter Kit.)

2)    The things you’re telling yourself are NOT MOTIVATING YOU to grow. 

On the contrary, they are giving you LESS energy and appetite for growth.  

(We’ll do an exercise in the Starter Kit so you can test this for yourself.)

3)    The things you’re telling yourself are NOT REQUIRED to make you grow.

I’m gonna offer you an alternative that feels better AND creates the results you’re looking for.

Imagine all the things you’d do if you wouldn’t waste a single second beating yourself up.

If you wouldn’t worry about things going wrong, screw-ups and mistakes, criticism or pushback.

If you would simply do your thing.

With confidence and flair.

That IS possible for you.

And the Starter Kit will help you do exactly that.