Procrastination is a brain-driven escape hatch.

That opens every time you are facing an unwanted emotion or dreaded task.

Difficult email to write?

Working on that presentation you want to NAIL?

Don’t want to face the 1000 emails in your mailbox?

Feeling unmotivated? Or overwhelmed?



The procrastination escape hatch opens.

It has you disappear in a world of distractions and tasks that don’t really matter.


Our go-to response?

Forcefully pushing that hatch closed again.

Going AGAINST our brain.

Using willpower and self-control.

Which requires a lot of energy, is exhausting and not sustainable.

(But you already know and experience that, right?)



You don’t need more self-control to stop procrastinating.


You can deal with the EXACT SAME dreaded task in a completely NEW way.

You have your brain work FOR you – instead of against you.

So that you follow through.

With confidence.

In a clear, calm and focused way.

Getting things done.

Dealing with things head-on.

Lots of breathing space.

Time an energy to focus on those big projects, your key work, your biggest contribution.

There’s so much potential that you don’t get to show right now.

Because there’s always another task to be finished first. 

A deadline to be met.

A colleague to be helped out.

An email to answer.

Procrastination just keeps you stuck in that endless cycle of overworking, feeling behind, rushing and being mad at yourself for that.


It’s time to leave those endless todos and constant rushing behind.

It’s time to leave procrastination behind.

It’s time to show the world what you are truly capable of.

You ready?

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And your life will never be the same again.