Hi There!

I’m An Bourmanne

Career + Confidence Coach for Ambitious Go-Getters Who Worry Too Much About What Other People Think

And I’m so excited to see you here,

because I know how

time- and energy-consuming it can be

to worry about what they said.

To relive those conversations over and over again.

And to feel bad about yourself – even though you keep telling yourself to JUST. GET. OVER. IT.

Been there, done that so many times.

And if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably read a thousand blog posts, articles and books about how to effectively deal with criticism and NOT take things so personally.

You KNOW what you should be doing.

You ask them for specific examples.

You thank them for their input.

You tell yourself that getting criticized is not a big deal.

You tell yourself that it’s all a beautiful learning experience.

You work hard to keep your face in neutral and to not let any defensiveness show.

Often, you even manage a big I’m-totally-fine smile as you walk out of the meeting or conversation.

Yet on the inside, you feel horrible, and not as strong + confident as you’d like to feel.

It DOES NOT feel like a beautiful learning experience, but more like a punch in the gut.

You keep mulling over what happened and can’t shake off that feeling of falling short that seems to lay over you like a thick, heavy cloak.

And then you start feeling horrible about feeling so horrible – why can’t you just deal with criticism like any other confident professional does?

Well, I’ve got the answer for you.

And a no-frills “Criticized + Confident Starter Kit“:

that explains exactly

1)  which of the 3 misconceptions you are buying into because they SEEM to make a lot of sense – but actually don’t  (and these are the REAL REASONS why you feel bad about yourself when being criticised – letting go of these misconceptions is foundational to access your confidence)

2)  why the tactics you are using right now are NOT working – even though you are doing all the “right things” (and no, it’s NOT that there’s something wrong with you)

3)  how to address criticism with confidence instead of taking their words personally (and no, a thicker skin is not required)

48 pages.

Paradigm-shifting. Science-driven.

Actionable. And   life-changing.

Because imagine all the things you’d do if you didn’t worry so much about what they said.