Hi There!

I’m An Bourmanne

Career + Confidence Coach for Ambitious Go-Getters Who Worry Too Much About What Other People Think

And I’m so excited to see you here,

because I know how

time- and energy-consuming it can be

to worry about what they said.


And the truth is – there’s no reason to.


Because contrary to what you might believe, what they say is NOT about you.

It’s about them – always and 100%.


And it’s not THEIR words that are making you feel bad, but something else that’s happening in your brain in a split-second.

(And NO, there’s nothing wrong with you – it’s simply how our brains are aiming to be efficient.)


So what IS making you feel bad then?

And how can you STOP worrying so much about what they say?


How can you simply listen with curiosity, WITHOUT beating yourself up?

How can you address their criticism with confidence + flair, without feeling the need to adapt + absorb what they said 100%?

I explain all that – and so much more – in my “Criticized + Confident” Starter Kit:

1)  I tell you exactly WHY you feel bad when you get criticized,

2)  and what you need to change to FEEL GOOD about yourself – even when they say harsh things about you.

3)  I show you why the tactics you are using right now are NOT working (and no, it’s NOT that there’s something wrong with you)

4)  I teach you my 5 steps to address criticism with confidence + flair, instead of taking their words personally (and no, a thicker skin is not required).

48 pages.

Science-driven.  Actionable.  And life-changing.

Because imagine all the things you’d do if you DIDN’T worry so much about what they said.