Hi There!

I’m An Bourmanne

Career + Confidence Coach for Ambitious Go-Getters Who Worry Too Much About What Other People Think

And I’m so excited to see you here,

because I know how

time- and energy-consuming it can be

to worry about what they said.


So how can you simply listen with curiosity, WITHOUT beating yourself up?

In my “Criticized + Confident” Starter Kit:

1)  I tell you exactly WHY you feel bad when you get criticized,

2)  and the ONE thing (seriously!) you need to change to FEEL CONFIDENT  – even when they say harsh things about you.

3)  I show you why what you are doing right now to deal with criticism is NOT working – despite your best intentions.

4)  I teach you HOW to address criticism with confidence + flair, instead of taking their words personally (and no, a thicker skin is not required AND counterproductive).

Imagine all the things you’d do if you DIDN’T worry so much about what they said.