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What Would YOUR Answer Be?

"Is your current life REALLY reflecting what you're TRULY capable of?"     This ONE question was a life-changer for me.   A turning point.   A commitment to myself to make a change.   A promise to myself to work towards a resounding "Yes, it absolutely is!".   And it...

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Why Today Is An Important Day.

Can you believe that January has already slipped past us?!   So crazy, right?   Today I officially decided that February 4th is the new January 1st.   Because today is as good as any day to pick up a goal or start a new habit.   My goal?   Write you once a week.  ...

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What Are You Basing Your Decisions On?

Ever been going back and forth on a decision? Going in circles in your mind, recycling the risks + the things you've got to lose over and over again? Then you're gonna love this little perspective-shifter... Often we find reasons not to do something, focusing on all...

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